Greenwood RRST Propane Autogas Services

Alliance Autogas Partner

Greenwood Propane Autogas is an Alliance AutoGas partner operating in the North Eastern North Carolina and Southeastern Virginia territory. As an Alliance Autogas partner Greenwood Propane Autogas is authorized to sell the Prins VSI-II propane autogas conversion kits to customer's for fleet vehicle converision retrofit or an upfit of a newly purchased vehicle. Greenwood Propane Autogas also will provide temporary or permanent filling on-site for client motor fleets. We will also offer to construct public liquid propane filling infrastructure within the closest proximity to client fleet central location or terminal.

Greenwood Propane Autogas guarantees supply to client fleets year round with supply assets managed by Greenwood Railroad Storage Terminal with a bulk storage capacity of six 60,000 gallon tanks totaling 360,000 gallons of total fixed bulk propane storage on site. Greenwood Propane Autogas and Greenwood RRST boasts a current 22 propane rail car track storage capacity with current track expansion plans underway to increase rail car storage capacity. Greenwood's Branchville terminal also has access to store an additional 36 cars on tracks at the adjacent potash facility. Greenwood RRST brancheville VA storage terminal is located on the CSX mainline and gets daily switches between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm 7 days per week. Two unloading towers can unload 4 propane laden rail cars in 4.5 hours both liquid and vapor. Rail car movers then relocate empty cars to empty spurs and then moves four full cars back on the tower spot to be unloaded.